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  • Taxi – The scenery may be very different in Bali, but the taxis are not. Simply flag one down on the street or visit a taxi rank and you are on your way. The most reliable taxis in Bali are the Blue taxis known as Blue Bird Taxis. Getting in one of these taxis helps to ensure you get a fair price for your journey. The starting rate of IDR 5,000 then 2,500 for every subsequent kilometre.
  • Motorcycle/Scooter Rental – This is a great way to ensure that nothing in Bali is out of your reach, as this mode of transport helps you access every corner of the island. Renting a scooter would make the journeys from A to B much faster, and possibly more cost effective, with the rental costing the equivalent of roughly 10 USD per day.
  • Bemo – These minibuses travel on specific routes around the island. The prices tend to be low, and these can be found virtually anywhere on the island, and with so many different routes, there is no doubt it will take you within a stone’s throw of where you want to be. This is the most affordable mode of transport on the island.

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